The Cantonment Board takes care of sanitation aspect of entire Cantonment area and providing door to door garbage collection services including cleaning of all Roads, Drains and Streets, sewerage, collection and removal of garbage from the Cantonment area is being done.The Municipal Solid Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 2000 have been implemented in the Cantonment.

Implementation of Panji Model (aspects/phases):-

• Bio-Degradable wastes and Non biodegradable wastes are being disposed off in separately trenches at trenching ground.
• Dustbins in civil area constructed on Goa Pattern i.e. dividing two portions for disposal of Bio degradable & Non Bio degradable wastes separately. Sheds have also been provided to cover these dustbins.
• Trenches have also been constructed in the Office Campus, School Campus, Budh Bazar Market & Parks for disposal of grass/leaves/vegetable wastes etc.
• Door to Door collection of solid waste is being done.
• Rubish/garbage is being Collected and transported daily by covered vehicle.
• Sheds have also been provided to the vermi compost pits in trenching ground.
• Approach roads to the vermi compost pits have also been laid.
• Conservancy Staff have been detailed at ward-wise requirement. Sanitary supervisors are detailed to supervise the work of each wards.
• Two Sanitary Inspectors are detailed for inspection in civil and army area separately and reported daily to the CEO .
• The contract for collection and disposal of bio medical wastes has been awarded to the authorised contractor of medical pollution control committee, regional office of pollution control Jhansi.
• Partition created in existing vehicles for segregation of waste and covered transportation of garbage.
• 02 Nos. new tractors have been purchased from GEM Portal under Swachhta Action Plan (SAP) for lifting of garbage and door to door collection of garbage etc.
• Twin bin dustbins (Blue for dry wastes and Green for wet wastes) have been purchased and fixed at commercials places and various locations in entire Cantonment area.
• 21 Nos. of two seated Bio-Toilets and 11 Nos. of four seated Bio-toilets (total 86 seats) have been installed at various locations in entire cantonment area during the year 2017-18 in order to declare the Cantonment as ODF. • Babina Cantonment has been declared as ODF Cantt.