Child Care Center
CONCEPTION >> The noble idea of Dte. Southern Command for opening a Child Care Center at Babina was taken up on priority and the project that initially started with just a feeding program is now grown into a full-fiedget orphanage. A detailed survey was carried out by Babina Cantt Board in the nearby vicinity of Babina to explore the need of such orphanage. On the basis of feedback received the destitute, abandoned and underprivileged children were granted admission in the Child Care Center. They are worthy of love acceptance and the opportunity to grow up in an affirming atmospher. We through this seek to assure the all round development and well being of children who are bypassed, forgotten and endangered in their present circumstances, regardless of their social and economic status. We seek to offer them a substantial opportunity towords growing up into complete independent and contrubuting citizens. The focus of this project is to value each child at any cost.

PLANNING >> Two existing halls situated in Cantonment Board Office campus have been coverted into Child Care Center by making additional alteration and carrying out special repair. The premises consists of Bed room, Dinning room cum play area, Kitchen, Care taker's room, toilets and lawn, At present, the building has a capacity to accommodate 15 children which shall be increased to 50 children at a later stage.

ADMISSION CRITERIA >> Children are admitted on the basis of the recommendations of authorities or the Pradhans of the concerned village. On admission following documents are required:-
1. Recommendation letter of Station Commander/ Cantt Board Resolution.
2. Willingness of Guardians through an affidavit.
3. Medical Certificate.
4. Certificate to the effect that mother and fater of the child are not alive.
5. Photographs of the child duly attested by the recommending authorities.

SECURITY :- One PRD guard with weapon has been detailed in the night and sufficient lighting arrangment have been made in the campus. Apart from this the chowkidars are already deputed 24 hours within Cantonment Board Office campus.

STAFF >> One cook, one assistant and one Care Taker have been engaged on contract basis, Lady RMO shall be the overall supervision of the Center.

EDUCATION>> All the children of Child Care Center are admitted in Cantt Primary School of Babina. They are accompanied by the Caretaker to school everyday and one teacher has been deputed from teaching the children in evening hours.

RECREATION >> from the entertainment of the children, a LCD TV and educational CDs are provided in the recreation, Some play equipments are provided in the campus.

MEDUCAL FACILITIES >> Regular medical checkup is being carried out of children by the doctors of Cantt General Hospital in emergency a doctor is ready to look after the children round the clock.

SUSTAINABILITY>>Cantonment Board, Babina making considerable effort through public-private partnership and through the NGOs from the welfare and all round development of the Child Care Center in cash or kind.

Our vision is not only to provide a home and education for the children, but would also like to offer an environment where is an atmosphere of love and security that these children would otherwise never know.