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Cantonment Board Babina is supplying the water to public residing within (proposed) civil area from New Pump House and Old Pump House the source of water is U.P Jal Nigam. A part from this, water from wells is also being supplied through direct pumphouse seventy India Mark-II Hand Pumps have been installed by cantonment Board Babina in different locatities to cater to the needs of public.


Water Connection have been provided to the public at a flat rate of Rs. 480/- per annum from domestic purposes, Rs. 2400/- per annum from commercial purposes and Rs. 800/- per annum for Out side Cantt area.



Submission of application for water connection with copies of the documents i.e. ownership of house/property viz. registered sale deed, sanctioned building plan and tax clearance.

In Cantonment Board Office on all working days between 10:00 hours to 17:00 hours.


Intimation to application in case of deficiencey in application for water connection.

Within 07 days from receipt of application by the dealing section.


Information with regards to submission of the requisite fees/ charges for water connection and non-judicial stamp for execution of agreement. If the deficiency in application is removed by the applicant with in the period mentioned in the intimation letter as per item No.2 above

Within 05 days.




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