The Board

Being a class II Cantonment Babina Cantonment Board has 15 members including the president Cantonment Board. Out of these 15 members four are nominated by the officer commanding the station and seven are elected by the residents of the cantonment, one member is nominated by the district magistrate. Rest are ex-officio members like health office and executive engineer. CEO is the Member Secretary. However to maintain parity between official and elected members one seat of the members to be nominated by the station commander is kept vacant. The members of the Board are as follows-

Vice President
Nominated /Ex-Officer Member
Elected Member
Brig. T. S. SOIN Smt. Sushila Devi, (Ward No. 4) 1.Col. B. K. Jaggi, SSO, STN.HQ 1. Smt. Lalita, Elected Member (Ward No. 1)
    2.Lt. Col. Prashant Rajauria, SEMO 2. Shri. Raj Kumar Singh, Elected Member (Ward No. 2)
    3.Lt. Col. Charanjit Yadav, OC 3. Shri. Ishwar Singh, Elected Member (Ward No. 3)
    4.Maj. Sachin Sinha, GE 4. Smt. Saroj, Elected Member (Ward No. 5)
    5. Shri R.P. Mishra, City Magistrate, Jhansi 5. Shri. Ravi Bharti, Elected Member (Ward No. 6)
      6. Shri. Anil Kumar, Elected Member (Ward No. 7)