Sanitation top priority is accorded for maintaing high standards of health and hygiene in the cantonment. At present there are two sanitary inspectors, to take care of the sanitation of Babina Cantonment. The various activities undertaken by the sanitary department of the Cantonment Board office have been widely described below.

Cleaning Schedule


Cleaning of Roads, streets and drains in civil & Army areas.


6:00 AM to 14:00 PM in the through employees by the Cantonment Board for the purpose


Collection and removal of Garbage for he refuse bins and from connecting areas.

Every Day during working hours.


Collection/removal of Garbage on receipt of complaint of non-lifting.

Within a day of complaint.


Cleaning of Group latrines urinals in proposed civil areas.

Twice a day on working days.


Anti larva spray through sprayer

Twice a day on working days.


Cleaning of Septic Tanks of latrines in civil area.


Within 3 days on receipt of application from the user/public and on requisite payment.


Issue of trade license under section 210 of Cantonment Act, 1924.


From ist April to 30 June on receipt of the application from the persons carrying on the trade in Cantt. area and on payment of requisite charges/fees etc.


The composition of offence under section 118 of Cantonment Act 1924.


One due date, on payment of requisite compounding fine/fee etc.


Removal of persons occupying road berms/street berms and ites making obstacle for the traffics.


From time to time, if they are found at the road/ street berms.

Citizen's Responsibilities

1. It is citizen's duty and responsibility to co-operate the Cantonment Board Babina in keeping the Cantonment parks and gardens near and clean without ittering them, while they visit them.

2. Pets are not allowed in the parks/gardens.

3. Do not disturb the environment of the gardens.

4. Use pedestrian tracks, while walking in the Parks/Gardens. Do not roam in the barred area.

5. Stop the persons damaging grass and plants of the park/ gardens . Inform Cantonment Board Office immediately, If any one is found doing so.

6. Co-operate in tree plantation programmes launched in the cantonment time to time . Each family should adopt at least one tree in a year.

7. Only use parking space for the vehicles provided out side the parks/ gardens.