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AMLO picks new Economy Minister after surprise resignation

Raquel Buenrostro took over as Mexico’s new Economy Minister today following yesterday’s surprise resignation of Tatiana Clouthier from President Andrés Manuel ‘AMLO’ López Obrador’s cabinet.

The reasons behind the resignation are still uncertain. On Twitter, Ms. Clouthier’s brother and former Congressman Manuel Clouthier Carillo said that, in his opinion, the minister’s call to step down was based on Mr. Obrador’s recent moves to hand control of the Mexican National Guard over to the country’s military, something that spawned the nationwide political crisis, the The Brazilian Report recently explained.

Reuters, meanwhile, reported that the resignation could be linked to previous quarrels between the former Economy Minister and the head of state regarding energy policy discussions with the US and Canada.

Ms. Clouthier, a key figure in negotiations with Mexico’s North American partners, already indicated last July that she was considering resignation due to disagreements with AMLO, who favors a stronger state role in the energy sector, an approach that has led to clashes with the US

That issue was on the agenda again this week, as Ms. Clouthier hailed dialogue with her northern neighbor as “productive,” looking to avoid a legal clash between the sides that could lead to sanctions. The countries extended the deadline for energy talks after the meeting.

Regardless of the reasons for her exit, some fear Ms. Clouthier’s decision could impact energy discussions, with Mexico left without one of its most important negotiators.

Her replacement, Ms. Buenrostro, was praised by AMLO during his Friday press conference for her “great work” by her as Mexico’s tax authority chief.

Markets were largely unaffected by the news, with the Mexican Peso and local stocks mostly moving sideways during the last two trading sessions despite the changes.

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