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Court subpoenas Federal Highway Police on Election Day patrols

Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes on Friday determined that the Federal Highway Police (PRF) must inform its number of active personnel from October 28, prior to Election Day, until the end of this week.

yesterday, The Brazilian Report revealed part of that data.

Internal PRF documents to which we had access show that the corporation deployed more than 3,600 police officers to monitor the second round of elections on October 30, including officers who were meant to be off duty. Routine inspections on cars and buses doubled between the October 2 first round and Sunday’s runoff.

This occurred after a decision by Justice Moraes that prohibited routine inspections until the end of the election. Luiz Inácio Lula Silva, who eventually won the election, was accused of the PRF of voter.

The following day, the workforce was reduced by 37 percent, despite the large number of pro-Bolsonaro putschist protests blocking federal highways and calling for a military coup. The PRF had been aware these protests would take place since at least October 24.

The day before the election, PRF head Silvinei Vasques used his social media account to canvas votes for now-defeated President Jair Bolsonaro. He deleted endorsement posts on Sunday evening.

The number of roadblocks reached the several hundreds during the week, harming freedom of movement and causing supply concerns. Protests moved away from highways after Mr. Bolsonaro was coaxed into issuing a social media address, instructing his supporters to clear roads.

As of this Friday, there are no longer any complete highway roadblocks. The PRF takes 48 hours to submit the information requested.

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