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Embraer delivers new-generation radar to the Brazilian Army

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Brazilian planemaker Embraer on Tuesday announced that it had delivered the first two units of the 2.0 version of its SABER M60 radars to the Brazilian Army. The radars will be used in the Army’s anti-aircraft artillery units.

According to a statement from the company, this model is “a search radar that integrates a low-height air defense system aimed at protecting sensitive points and areas such as government facilities and strategic infrastructures.”

The radar uses 3D technology and has a range of 60 kilometers and up to 16,400 feet in altitude, which allows it to track up to 60 targets simultaneously, detecting and classifying them automatically. Embraer also states that the equipment has LPI (Low Probability Interception) technology, which gives it the ability to pinpoint targets without being easily identified.

In addition, “the SABER M60 can be integrated with missile-based or anti-aircraft gun systems, as well as having provision for integration with other air defense systems, such as the Brazilian Aerospace Defense System (SISDABRA),” the statement reads.

The acquisition of SABER M60 radars is outlined in the Brazilian Army’s 2020-2023 Strategic Plan and expands the operational capacity of the Army’s ground force. Embraer revealed information in April about a contract for four additional radars of the same model.

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