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Explaining Brazil #219: Five years of The Brazilian Report

Five years ago today, The Brazilian Report debuted in Sao Paulo. Founded by Laura Quirin and Gustavo Ribeiro, the website had the mission to “translate” Brazil for foreign audiences — bringing a Brazilian perspective to conversations about the country.

The two-person endeavor has now blossomed into a newsroom with staffers in three Brazilian regions and Buenos Aires — now also doing extensive research and coverage into Latin America.

Our work has been recognized by our peers through international awards. But most importantly, it has been recognized by governments, diplomats, decision-makers in multinational companies, and foreign correspondents as a reliable and unique source of information about Brazil.

We provide context and nuance on a country often overlooked and misunderstood, despite being Latin America’s biggest economy and one of the world’s largest democracies.

Over the years, we’ve covered elections, crises, disasters, and even a pandemic. We have launched multiple products, from podcasts to different newsletters to video content and in-depth, on-demand reports.

On this special podcast, we share a little more about our history: how The Brazilian Report came to be, our vision for the future, and why our company thrived in a country where so many young companies fail.

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  • Laura Quirin is one of the founders of The Brazilian Report and the company’s chief executive officer. She holds a joint MBA from Université Lille II in France and Fudan University in Shanghai.
  • Gustavo Ribeiro is one of the founders and The Brazilian Report’s editor-in-chief. He holds a master’s degree in Political Science and Latin American studies from Panthéon-Sorbonne University in Paris.

This episode used music from Uppbeat. License codes: ZPBRN08JSELKNBYS, BTIP7ZNZ2Z2FXOMF.

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