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Follow the results of the Brazilian election live

On Brazil’s Election Day, October 2, the country will elect its president for the next four years. It will also choose 513 House members, 27 senators (of a total of 81), governors for all 27 states, and thousands of state-level lawmakers.

The Brazilian Report newsroom will cover Election Day from multiple parts of the country and monitor our reactions from South American neighbors and other world leaders from our Buenos Aires office. We have prepared a special live broadcast, following the results live and explaining what they mean for the country now and in the coming years.

This election is seen as arguably the most important since the end of the military rule in 1985. And our team will instantly keep you open with everything you need to know. Our broadcast starts at 4 pm Brazilian time (3 pm US Eastern Time).

Add the event to your calendar.

You can also follow our 2022 election live blog.

Special guests:

  • Claudio Couto, political scientist and professor at Fundação Getulio Vargas think tank;
  • Natalia Unterstell, a climate policy expert and president of the Talaboa Institute;
  • Mario Sergio Lima, the senior Brazil analyst at Medley Advisors;

Our team:

  • Gustavo Ribeiro (editor-in-chief);
  • Euan Marshall (editor);
  • Fabiane Ziolla Menezes (finance reporter);
  • Ignacio Portes (Latin America editor);
  • Cedê Silva (Brasilia correspondent);
  • Lucas Berti (São Paulo reporter).

We will discuss

🎤 Live coverage from the streets of São Paulo;

👨‍💼 In-depth profiles of the main candidates;

📊 Reaction of the Brazilian and foreign markets;

🌎 Impact of the elections on Latin American politics and economics;

🌱 What’s at stake for climate policies;

🏛️ What to expect from Congress.

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