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Heavy rains, landslides kill 7 in El Salvador and 9 in Costa Rica

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Authorities in El Salvador confirmed on Thursday that at least seven people, including children, have been killed in landslides caused by a week-long sequence of heavy rains. The impoverished Central American country is amid its annual rainy season, known for resulting in similar calamities as a result of weak infrastructure and settlements built on unstable land.

The deaths were registered in the city of Huizucar, just south of the capital San Salvador. Nearby locations also report injuries and displacements.

Another disaster befell bus passengers in Costa Rica last Sunday, when at least nine people were killed and over 30 ended up injured after the vehicle fell off a cliff. The Red Cross confirmed the accident was related to seasonal landslides.

Central American and Caribbean nations are badly affected by weather conditions this time of year, with yearly reports of deaths, structural damage, and negative economic impacts in agribusiness-dependent nations due to heavy rains and hurricanes.

Floods and other weather-related issues have been reported across the entire region in September. In Puerto Rico, Hurricane Fiona has been causing a trail of destruction, with almost the entire island facing blackouts. At least eight Puerto Ricans have died in the storm as of today.

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