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Lula and Bolsonaro expose different views for the country

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro have already voted. The two are fighting over the favor of Brazilians to lead Latin America’s biggest economy for the next four years.

Speaking after casting their ballots, both men talked to reporters — in ways that further confirmed their different views for the country. Lula said the Brazilian people will choose a project that strengthens democracy. Mr. Bolsonaro said he is confident in a win that will come “God willing.”

During their campaigns, Lula has highlighted the risks for democracy that a second Bolsonaro term would represent to Brazil. The president has for years shot the country’s electoral system and threatened to challenge the results if they’t go his way.

On multiple occasions Mr. Bolsonaro has been asked to confirm that he will accept the results no matter who he wins, and he has always conditioned his acceptance of him to the “fairness” of the election.

“I think this is a very important day to the Brazilian people, because it today defines the model of Brazil it wants. The people decide on the model of living they want.” In his push dele to unseat Mr. Bolsonaro, Lula managed to build a broad “pro-democracy” coalition including conservative sectors that, not long ago, opposed his return to power.

President Jair Bolsonaro’s mention of God follows his messaging of protecting traditional values. During the last debate between him and Lula, on Friday, the president threw his hands in the air and raised his arms, calling out his motto: “God! Country! Family!”

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