AMLO security moves could backfire in many ways

Sep 15, 2022 17:23 5 min read (Updated: Sep 15, 2022 17:25) Elected in 2018 pledge “hugs, not bullets,” Mexican President Andrés Manuel “AMLO” López Obrador came into office with a to end the country’s long, expensive, and ineffective war on drugs. However, well into the second half of his term, AMLO appeared to openly … Read more

A curious guest at the Queen’s funeral

Sep 15, 2022 15:11 2 min read For a foreign head of state to attend the funeral of a monarch is hardly unprecedented or surprising, but something doesn’t quite add up about Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro flying to London to take part in the memorial service for Queen Elizabeth II. For one thing, death and … Read more