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Regulators greenlight phase two trials for Brazilian Covid vaccine

Brazilian federal health regulator Anvisa authorized a Covid vaccine developed by research institute Senai Cimatec to advance to phase two trials.

Under the technical name RNA MCTI Cimatec HDT, the vaccine is part of a global plan that includes US-based company HDT Bio Corp and India’s Gennova Biopharmaceuticals. Phase one trials were approved in October of last year and began in January.

The health regulator added that the vaccine is based on self-amplifying RNA replication (repRNA) technology, capable of encoding the coronavirus spike protein.

“Compared to messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine platforms, the repRNA platform has the potential to generate more robust immune responses, inducing long-term protective immunity at lower dose levels, with the potential for a single-dose application,” reads a statement.

Last week, Anvisa had already authorized phase one clinical trials of another vaccine candidate in Brazil: the SpiN-TEC immunizer, being developed by the Federal University of Minas Gerais and the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation.

Currently, approximately 80 percent of the Brazilian population has already completed their first vaccination scheme. Researchers expect new Brazilian-made vaccines to prove useful against potential new variants.

Over 84 percent of the Brazilian population has taken at least one shot of Covid vaccine — and almost 80 percent have completed their primary vaccination series.

Still, Brazilian researchers point out the importance of having vaccines completely developed in the country, which would be a national first.

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