Scope of Cristina Kirchner murder attempt investigation widens

A third arrest took place Tuesday in the case investigating the assassination attempt against Argentina’s Vice President Cristina Kirchner.

The latest suspect, Agustina Díaz, is a close friend of detainee Brenda Uliarte, whose indictment is expected in the coming days. It is still unclear whether Ms. Díaz aided Ms. Uliarte’s attempts to evade justice or also took part in the planning of the crime. The man who tried to shoot Ms. Kirchner, Fernando Sabag Montiel, was arrested at the scene.

But the scope of the investigation goes well beyond the three defendants. Authorities are looking into a radicalized group known as Revolución Federal, whose leaders led a number of small but violent protests against government politicians and even some opposition members in the last few weeks.

Ms. Uliarte attended at least one of these protests in Buenos Aires, when flaming torches were thrown at the Casa Rosada presidential palace on August 18.

The internet profiles of Revolución Federal leaders include phrases such as “bullet for the Kirchnerites,” and many of their public messages call for direct action against the government. One member, Gastón Guerra, even posted a selfie inside Ms. Kirchner’s apartment building on the week of the attack.

President Alberto Fernández said yesterday that he could have been the next target, based on a Whatsapp status of a close acquaintance of Ms. Uliarte, Gabriel Carrizo, who minutes after the incident said the would-be-shooter could have done “a great favor to society” and that “I’m sure you will be next, Alberto, be careful.” Mr. Carrizo has not been arrested so far.

The emergence of new death threats against Ms. Kirchner yesterday led Federal Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti to order the Vice President’s security be reinforced.

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