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US dollar close to BRL 5 as investors give Lula a chance

🔔 The dashboard: After Lula won the presidency, Brazil’s benchmark stock index Ibovespa rose by 3.16 percent this week. Meanwhile, the Brazilian real gained 4.48 percent against the US dollar.

  • Biggest gains: 3R Petroleum (oil and gas): +17.76 percent.
  • Biggest falls: Petrobras (oil and gas): -13.11 percent.

Not exactly happy, but markets are giving Lula the chance

The first post-election trading week is over. Investors, especially foreign ones, have given President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva the benefit of the doubt.

State of play. Contrary to expectations, Brazilian markets reacted positively to Lula’s win. Trading volume on the stock exchange…

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