10 small breeds of cute that will look like kittens into adulthood

Cats enjoy "16-hour snoozes," Dreamies, and head boops, so it's perhaps no surprise that they're still adored all over the world.

After spending time with these gorgeous animals, as many owners will attest, it's difficult to understand why anyone wouldn't become infatuated!

According to reports, the typical cat owner actually has at least two cats, although we're sure you know some people who have many more.

While it is true that all cats are adorable, there are several smaller-sized cats that are available for adoption and will work well in your household.

Therefore, if you're wanting to add a new pet to your home, these are the reported tiniest cat breeds in the world, and they'll still look like tiny, adorable kittens as they get older.

*While different cat breeds do have some characteristics in common, we caution that each cat has a unique personality and set of demands that should be taken into consideration before bringing a cat into your house. Please keep this in mind while adopting a cat.

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