12/23/22 Daily Astrology

Knowing the wind direction helps. Consider your audience before sharing your opinions. Success requires work.


You may have to help someone now—don't count on friends to help. Borrowing money now is risky. Wait until next week to make big purchases.


Never make excuses; explain why. Just do it—worrying or nagging won't help.


Reside loud today while planning for tomorrow. You and a partner or loved one can brainstorm and plan. Key relationships may change today.


Waiting pays off. You may be eager to start a new project or obsessed with career advancement. However, social obligations cannot be avoided, so wait until the right time.


Find a quiet place to work. Social events and personal matters may have to wait until you finish work.


Someone may secretly love you, or you may be tempted to lead someone on. Honesty. A serious friend may take your casual generosity and kindness to heart.


 Focus on your goals. If you're kind, people may like you. Ask the right person for the right answer.


Lead and be professional. Avoid teasing or getting too close to new acquaintances. Family melodramas can be harmful.


Consider the pros and cons. Put your credit card and investment plans on hold now. You may believe you can start over.


 If you look closely, you can always find flaws. If a loved one is in the mood for fun and affection, they may not accept improvement suggestions.


Dreams require vision and persistence. Timing matters too. Create something worthwhile with your skills.


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