13 Dog Breeds with Calm Personalities

Playful and alert may not seem like peaceful dog breeds, but the Havanese is both.


The Pekingese may be excellent for your family if you want a petite, pleasant, fluffy, cuddly breed with average athleticism.


Don't be shocked if the kids argue over whose room it sleeps in because its zen-like attitude and luscious coat are better than any teddy bear.

Great Pyrenees

The Cardigan and Welsh Corgis and Pembroke Welsh Corgis are calm dogs. They adore others and are happiest with them.


Your family will love the Cavalier King Charles spaniel's adorable face and gentle nature. 

Cavalier King Charles spaniel

The English bulldog is a wonderful companion for a household that doesn't desire an athletic or energetic dog after a hard day at work


However, this terrier is calm. This beautiful little nugget is called "Beaver" but looks more like a Yorkie

Biewer terrier

Your family will have to draw straws to cuddle and snuggle this beautiful smushed-face muzzle


t. Bernards are noted for their patience, tranquilly, and gentleness. Especially when they're working, they love being around their humans. 

St. Bernard

They're also smaller, which frequently makes them simpler to manage than other little dogs who are quite athletic.

Tibetan spaniel

It's little wonder the Golden Retriever is always in the top 10. They're gentle with kids, easygoing, and affectionate. 

Golden retriever

Whippets enjoy their family, are child tolerant, and rarely met a person they don't adore


It's surprising that an English cocker spaniel, trained to flush and retrieve game birds, is happy inside with the family.

English cocker spaniel

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