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According to Zippia, American women spend $3,756 a year on cosmetics. According to CNBC, lipstick sales are up 20% and skin care products are up 12% this year.

Makeup is personal. Some prefer makeup, while others feel more confident without it. Makeup is about enhancing your beauty and self-confidence. 

People highlight eyes because they say they're the window to the soul. Mascara was chosen by 161 of 602 Glam survey respondents. 

26.74% of voters want eyes highlighted. Mascara enhances the eyes, which many people consider their best feature. 

Amalie Beauty says the brush is more important than the formula when choosing mascara. Mascara brush size, shape, and material affect eyelashes.

 Long bristles prevent clumping and add volume, while shorter bristles require more coats

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