26-year-old cat named oldest in the world by Guinness

The cat, Flossie, was verified by Guinness World Records to be 26 years and 316 days old, or nearly 120 years old in human years.

According to the record-keeping company, Flossie was first adopted as a stray while she and her brothers were living close to a hospital. She then stayed with her first owner until they passed away roughly ten years later.

After that, Flossie spent 14 years with the sister of her first owner, who later passed away.

A different cousin took in Flossie and was able to care for her for almost three years before giving the cat to the organisation Cats Protection.

Flossie was given a new home by Cats Protection and her owner Vicki Green.

"She occasionally forgets to use the litter box or requires assistance with self-grooming, but I can aid with all of that. Together, we're in this "Guinness World Records was told by Green.

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