3 winter green pea side effects that will change your mind!

In some people, eating too many green peas might cause stomach bloating.

 Kaul informed us that uncooked green peas contain antinutrients including lectin and phytic that may induce bloating, gas, and flatulence

Since lectin is not present in large numbers, eating 1/3rd cup of peas should be fine.Green peas are full of nutrients, but they also have antinutrients.

“Phytic acid in green peas inhibits iron, calcium, and zinc absorption in your body,” adds Kaul.

According to Kaul, green peas' high protein content can affect kidney function if eaten in significant amounts. It raises uric acid levels, which can cause joint pain.

*Don't eat them every day
* Soaking, fermenting, or sprouting green peas before cooking may lower their lectin concentration.

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