4 Famous American Pizza Chains That Closed

Pizza Haven, a pioneer of pizza delivery, is now a relic for Pacific Northwest pepperoni enthusiasts. 

Pizza Haven

 The first dial-a-pizza chain, it was founded in Seattle in 1958. Pizza Haven had 42 outlets in the Pacific Northwest and California, but the 1990s pizza delivery conflicts killed it.

If you guessed Chuck E. Cheese, you might be startled to learn that another eerily similar concept before the rodent-themed pizza playpen

ShowBiz Pizza Place

ShowBiz Pizza Place supplied pizza and hijinks to kids.

A Midwestern pizza restaurant that's suffered in recent years may not survive

Happy Joe's Pizza

The epidemic and crushing competition caused the bankruptcy, yet franchised outlets still make up most of its units.

Pizza Cucinova, a small Ohio-based company with a loyal following, disappeared abruptly

Pizza Cucinova

All five stores were closed without notice, leaving artisan pizza fans in Ohio to grieve.

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