5 ways charcoal can improve your skin

Charcoal detoxifies skin best. It deep-cleanses pores, removes toxins, and leaves skin super clean

Charcoal detoxifies skin.

 It removes dust and grime from deep within the skin and gives it a fresh glow. It exfoliates dead skin cells naturally.

Large pores are never attractive. Large pores produce more oil and acne. Charcoal detoxifies and unclogs pores

Pore tightener

Charcoal also removes blackheads and whiteheads. It shrinks pores and makes skin clean and even-toned.

Sebum, dirt, clogged pores, and other factors cause acne. Charcoal kills acne-causing bacteria. It prevents skin infections. 

Soothes skin.

Charcoal deep cleans and calms irritated skin. Charcoal helps sensitive skin. Charcoal can also heal dry, damaged skin from psoriasis, eczema

Sebum production causes oily skin, clogged pores, and breakouts. Activated charcoal absorbs oil deep in the skin

Manages oil output

Charcoal is the best skin refresher. It cleanses and brightens skin as a detox. It brightens skin. Tightening pores makes skin look younger.

Charcoal brightens skin.

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