7 High-Calorie Exercises

Mountain climbers burn stubborn fat. Beginners and advanced athletes can do it. This activity is excellent because it burns calories and cools off afterward.

Jumping jacks are great cardio exercises. Every fat-burning routine includes this exercise since it burns the most calories. This exercise is great because it requires no equipment.

Jumping rope works your core, glutes, lower back, and legs. Jumping rope in the morning improves heart and lung function throughout exercise and rest. It's great for guys and ladies.

Fun methods to burn calories? Just float and freestyle laps. Swimming burns calories and strengthens muscles, blood vessels, and the heart and lungs.

Sprinting sweats and burns about 400 calories each hour. This full-body workout targets abs, glutes, lower back, and legs.

Exercise? No time? HIIT is enough to burn additional calories. HIIT involves nonstop exercise. HIIT exercises blend strength and cardio with short breaks

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