Adopted Stray Cat and Little Boy's Instant Bond Is So Full of Love

Animals respond to some people. Even if it's not their pet, cats and dogs will flock to them. They naturally do it. We'd even argue they're born with it.

After viewing this TikTok video from @ruthhagmann, we believe so. This TikToker caught one of the most touching videos of a toddler with a cat.

Her son snuggling with their adopted stray cat is a beautiful example of how some people are born with a special sensitivity for animals.

Wow! This video is breathtaking. The creator wrote in the description that they got a stray cat a week ago and these two already love each other.

We call that love at first sight! According to the creator, he's a cat whisperer.

@dana powers said, "He has a healing, reassuring energy plainly." Yes! From this brief footage, he's sweet.

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