After a costly fumble on Sunday, a veteran running back was cut from the NFL.

After a bad game on Sunday, a running back who has been in the NFL for a long time is being shown the door.

Melvin Gordon, a veteran running back, is being let go by the Denver Broncos on Monday afternoon.

Gordon, who is 29 years old, lost the ball in the end zone during Sunday's 22-16 overtime loss to the Raiders in Las Vegas. 

This cost the Broncos the game. He ran eight times for a total of 31 yards.
The Broncos are moving on, which gives Gordon a chance to start over.

"Sources say that after their loss on Sunday, the #Broncos have made a change by letting veteran RB Melvin Gordon go. 

 Gordon was a well-liked player who spent three years with the Broncos, but his turnovers were too much to handle.

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