After another loss to the Saints, Tom Brady yells at teammates.

Think Tom Brady wants to lose to the Saints and finish 5-7 in 2022? Bucs sideline footage from Monday Night Football says it all.

After Tampa Bay punted down 10 to New Orleans, the quarterback was seen screaming expletives on the sideline.

Blaine Gabbert, who sat next to Brady on the bench, seemed to be trying to disappear into a hedge like Homer Simpson.

After the Bucs punted after an eight-play, 35-yard drive, Brady was furious. Fourth-and-seven from the New Orleans 40-yard line ended the third quarter for Tampa Bay.

He threw a tablet against the Saints earlier this year.Twitter joked despite no tablet damage.

A Saints field goal made it 16-3. The Bucs punted again after Brady was sacked on first down on the next drive.

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