After Everyone Told Her Not To, Woman Painted Porch Tiles.

Women can renovate and remodel homes just as well as men. This takes practise and patience, but it's worth it.

Thus, don't listen to anyone else. Follow your passion and vision. DIY queen Slone ignores advice from those who think they know better. Look! That's her!

I'd never paint my porch if I bought a house, but I guess anything is possible!

It's checkered. Her Instagram shows that she utilised a template and automotive tape to construct the "grout" lines and checkered design.

She painted the porch's concrete foundation with Valspar porch paint in "Urban Bronze" and "Gray Area."

"I spray-painted my driveway last year and adore it. Yours looks excellent!"Spray paint seems messy, but to each their own!

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