Anger as woman wants to wear bridal gown to family wedding

The internet mocked a woman who wore her own wedding attire to her sister-in-law'swedding.

A man under the anonymous moniker u/aitadress published his story on Reddit's r/AmITheA****** thread.

OP began his narrative by saying his cousin "Sam" is getting married to "Jane." His wife "Amy" feels Jane is "too shy" and doesn't like her.

"Amy saw Jane's dress via a cousin," OP said. "Custom built, white and gold, she feels it's too much.

The problem is that Amy wants to wear her bridal dress to Sam and Jane's. She doesn't have time to buy for a dress, and hers isn't white 

"No, she can't wear her wedding dress to another wedding, but she insists. I told her she can't attend if she wears this clothing.

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