Best Broiled Lobster Tails Recipe Ever

Paprika's fruity, slightly sweet notes and vivid red colour brighten lobster tails as they cook and add a smoky flavour to lobster meat's buttery, sweet taste.

Lobster tails are firmer and have a less sweet flavour than lobster claws. Lobster tail is a favourite for Surf ‘n Turf, easy to eat,

And beautiful to present. Fresh-frozen, sodium tripolyphosphate-free tails taste best.

Butter enhances shellfish's delicate flavour without overpowering it. I prefer a high-quality sea salt with less sodium than table salt or salty butters to control dinner flavour.

High-quality salt can control flavour without overpowering seafood, which is naturally salty.Garlic. Garlic enhances lobster's delicate flavour with a rich, earthy taste. 

This recipe uses garlic powder instead of raw garlic because raw garlic can overpower the seafood's mild flavours.Pepper. White pepper, which has had its skin removed,

Is milder and less spicy, giving it a kick but letting you taste more of the earthy pepper flavours without overpowering your lobster.

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