Best Fast Food Buns? Fast Food Lovers Speak- Exclusive Survey

The Mashed exclusive survey found that Chick-fil-A has the finest buns, with 40.89% of 582 replies. Wendy's buns came in second with 16.67% of the votes and 97 replies.

Burger King placed third with 14.95% of the votes and 87 responses, and Whataburger placed fourth with 11.34% and 66 responses

White Castle finished fifth with 8.93% of the votes and 52 responses, followed by McDonald's with 7.22% and 42 responses.

What makes Chick-fil-buns A's so good? According to Insider, the chain's strict food standards

from chicken shape before breading to pickle placement on chicken sandwiches—are to blame.

 Chick-fil-buns A's are buttered using a butter roller and then toasted in a vertical conveyor toaster. 

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