Best Small Dog Breeds

Although this breed makes a devoted lap dog, it also has a lot of energy and likes to play. Maltese dogs are unquestionably brave, a quality that is thought to have been inherited from their time spent as rat hunters. They enjoy performing tricks, get along well with people of all ages, and are simple to train.


While a Maltese can have a long, attractive coat, most dog owners prefer to keep their dog's hair short so that it is simpler to manage. They frequently need to clean their eyes because they tend to have tear stains.

Exercise: The Maltese just needs sporadic exercise, such as a daily stroll or some indoor or backyard playtime.

Fun fact: This breed was regarded as prestigious in the Roman Empire and was also known as the "Roman Ladies' Dog." The American Kennel Club claims that female aristocrats frequently carried Maltese around in their sleeves or on their laps (AKC).

Temperament: Boston Terriers are a charming combination of humour and refinement. Although they are a smart, vigilant, and energetic breed, they also appreciate spending time at home with their family. Despite being friendly to everyone, this breed is devoted to one individual. Due to their flat noses and small nostrils, Boston Terriers are prone to snoring.

Boston Terrier 

The shorthaired coat of the Boston Terrier only requires occasional grooming. The lovely creases on the noses of many Boston Terriers should be periodically cleaned off to keep dirt and dust from getting there.

Exercise: This breed stays in shape by playing inside with the family or taking a walk around the block.

Fun fact: Because of its small stature, which is perfect for apartment living, and their constant eagerness for a quick stroll down the sidewalk, the Boston Terrier, named after their birthplace of Boston, Massachusetts, makes the ideal city dog!

Dachshunds have an exceptional sense of fearlessness and self-assurance, which is indicative of their badger-fighting heritage. They are devoted guardians of their family, passionate about their pet parents, and occasionally stubborn. This breed, which is a cross between a hound and a terrier, is independent and tenacious.


Grooming: Of all the Dachshund breeds, the smooth-coated Dachshund has a short coat that requires the least amount of grooming. The longhaired breed, in contrast, sheds more frequently than the other two and requires more frequent maintenance. To keep their coats clean, wirehaired Dachshunds require frequent brushing and trimming.

Exercise: For this breed, several daily walks are essential. A Dachshund is not made for vigorous exercise, so the walks shouldn't be too taxing.

Fun fact: Dachshunds, who are frequently referred to as "wiener dogs," originated the name of the hotdog rather than the other way around. According to, the hotdog's original name was "Dachshund sausage."

Shih Tzus have a cheerful disposition and a kind disposition. They are among the best for a household with small children. Since the progenitors of this breed spent the majority of their time relaxing in regal Chinese palaces, they naturally become contented lapdogs.

Shih Tzu 

Maintaining a Shih Tzu's long, flowing coat requires daily brushing, and the hair in front of their face should be pulled back in a topknot (tied up neatly and away from their eyes). The coat can alternatively be kept short, which will require less maintenance and no topknot.

Exercise: For this breed, a quick daily stroll or some inside fun is ideal.

Shih Tzu dogs resided behind the walls of the royal kingdoms and were mostly unknown to the outside world until the 1930s since they were the sole pets of Chinese emperors.

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