Best Thin Fine Haircuts

Short, thin, fine hair has many styling options. Layers and volumizing spray make it full and thick.

Short and Sweet

Highlights or balayage can make your hair multi-dimensional and reduce your salon visits for root touchups.

The bob suits all hair types, including fine, thin hair. A versatile bob cut is its best feature. Layering is best for thin hair

The Bob

Sideswept bangs look great on rounder faces. Tapering them to blend into the haircut flatters your face shape.

Instead of a bob, I chose a lob. I've always had trouble growing my hair, so cutting it short scared me.

The Lob

I loved the lob because I could change my look without losing my length. My mother-in-law said the cut made me look sophisticated. Well-cut.

Thin-haired women have long worn pixie cuts. It adds whimsy to our fine locks and is easy to style each morning

The Pixie (with a twist!)

The "twist" is longer front face-framing layers. It's longer and shapelier than a pixie cut. Layering gives the cut volume and texture.

If you don't want to go too short but your hair thins out when you grow it out, consider a mid-length cut that suits your lifestyle and looks good. Mid-length has many options


Ponytails suit all hair types. It's simple, versatile, and understated. Many models with slicked-back ponytails can elevate even the chicest outfit 

The Ponytail

A messy pony with face-framing wisps is a quick morning routine.

I want long hair but never get it. My hair stops right around my bra-line. Long hair with thin hair can be styled many ways. 

Long and Luxurious

Layering in front adds dimension to long hair and prevents it from flattening. Layering all around can add depth and create a fun, messy look if done right.

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