Best To Worst Mother Zodiac Signs

Because they are so well-balanced and serene, Libras make wonderful mothers. They promote peace in the home, and when there is conflict between siblings, she is able to understand each person's viewpoint and assist the parties in finding a middle ground.

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While Libra mothers would rather to be friends than parents and dislike having to enforce rules, they typically wait until their children are adults before making friends with them.

The most crucial lessons a Libra mother imparts to her children are those of friendship, sharing, and sympathy for others.

A Cancer mother is caring and protective. In fact, children of cancer moms are aware of their parents' genuine love and care for them.


Cancer's child can always talk to her and get support to feel better. She wants her house to be a haven of affection and solace where her children feel free to talk to her about anything.

If all else fails, the Cancer mother will bake her kid's favourite treat to show them how cherished they are. She excels at fostering a child's originality and isn't afraid to proclaim her child's brilliance to the world.

Mothers of the Sagittarius sign are generous and eager to show their children the world. They most likely begin travelling with them while they are young.


They instil in their kids a wicked sense of humour, a hunger for knowledge, and a strong feeling of independence. Because Sagittarians make fun of mothers and are aware that youth is fleeting, they want their children to cherish every second.

She can be impetuous too; one moment she'll be in the carpool lane heading to the drop-off location, and the next she'll be announcing that it's a beach day instead. 

She might not have as many guidelines as some of the other mothers because she wants her children to be unique individuals, not carbon copies of her.

The Virgo mother will try her best to fix anything that is broken, whether it is a toy or a broken heart. Even though she can be harsh and has high expectations for her kids, she genuinely loves them no matter how much they disappoint her.


She is the queen of multitasking since she manages to take care of her children, work, volunteer, and maintain a spotless, well-kept home. She desires for her children to be disciplined and to persevere in the face of adversity.

A Virgo mother can override her children if she isn't careful due to her propensity toward perfection.

Scorpio mothers have startlingly strong intuition and frequently have a better understanding of their child's needs than the child does. Because Scorpio mothers place a high value on protection, loyalty, and honesty, she'll be OK as long as her children are trustworthy and considerate of others.


If you offend her children in any way or cause them trouble, beware because she will battle more vehemently for them than for herself. She will prioritise the needs of her family before her own, fiercely defending them anytime she perceives a threat to them.

Moms of the Aquarius sign are all about being authentic and not fitting in. While she may want to homeschool her children, she will make sure they attend some outside classes.


She will make sure that her kids are aware of significant topics like global warming and that they understand the value of helping others. The Aquarian mother will make sure to support her children's creativity and curiosity.

However, she won't be very understanding of tantrums or other emotional outbursts. She might need to be reminded that she needs to reassure her children and that she can't just assume that they know she loves them.

The most innocent of all mothers is a Leo mother. She loves to play with her children and spoil them with gifts. However, she has a tendency to be egotistical and may prioritise her wants over those of her kids.


Is she throwing that pricey party because her child requested it, or is she doing it to impress the other mothers?

Despite having narcissistic tendencies and viewing her kids as an extension of herself, she genuinely loves her kids. Even if it makes her child uncomfortable, she wouldn't think twice about making out with the instructor.

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