Best Types of Runners Dogs

If you enjoy running with dogs, you've probably thought about what breed would make the perfect running companion. Most dogs enjoy running, though some more than others and not all for very far.

In warm temperatures, some people do better than in cold weather. What can you do, then, in order to select the ideal running dog for you?

After my wife and I purchased our first home and finally had room to add a dog to our lives, I began to wonder this.

Most working dogs are naturally suited to running, but certain breeds, like huskies and greyhounds, were created specifically to run.

On the other hand, due to their propensity for overheating, squishy-nosed dogs like bulldogs and pugs (with some exceptions!) don't always make effective distance athletes.

It was clear that some species excelled when it came to running great distances, in the winter, or on difficult trails.

But on occasion, you'll catch yourself off guard and discover a running dog who shares your passion for the activity. That was the situation when we adopted Carson, a 10-pound chihuahua, from a nearby rescue group.

Going for a good day run with him produces just as many runner's high feelings as that ideal long run by myself, even if it is only for a mile or two with the occasional pause at a tree or stop sign.

All of this is to indicate that training your dog can be customised in the same manner that running is for humans.

However, you too may travel with your dog if you receive the right instruction, have some patience, and heed the advice of the professionals in this account.

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