Bitcoin gained 1.48%.

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CoinMarketCap reports a £14,130 Bitcoin (BTC) price as of 9:11am. That's up 1.48% from £13,921 yesterday and down 18.51% from a month ago.

The 24-hour trading volume is £17.2 billion, and the market cap is £271.6 billion.

Bitcoin's 52-week high and low are £38,655 and £13,195, respectively.

If you bought a Bitcoin at the 52-week low of £13,195 and sold it at today's price of £14,130, you'd make £934—a 7.08% return.

If you bought a Bitcoin at the 52-week high of £38,655 and sold it today, you'd lose 63.45%, or £24,525.

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