Blind Foster Puppy Tries a Halo and Our Hearts Can't Take It

Nelson the Poodle mix is still a puppy, but he's brave like a big dog. His foster mom, @thejennifertrip, is teaching him "how to dog" after he survived a puppy mill.

A special "halo" harness for blind dogs is even boosting his confidence! Jennifer's TikTok account captured Nelson's first halo attempt.

We think the "go little rockstar" TikTok audio is perfect for this. Nelson is amazing for figuring out the halo harness so quickly!

However, for those of us who have always been sighted, it's hard to imagine how this puppy navigates.

@marinaelsa wrote, "He needs a guide dog." That'd be great. Even though a buddy can help Nelson with daily tasks, we love that Jennifer is finding ways for him to learn on his own.

"I would just carry him everywhere he is so precious," @lunabib1 said. With his adorable face, that would be hard to resist.

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