Blueberry: Expert nutrition advice

“Blueberries prevent infections.” Nutrition Professor Felicitas Bouche Ocampo, Bachelor's Human Nutritional Sciences

“Eat blueberries to avoid colds.” Jacomie Nel, M.Sc., Dietetics/DietitianBlueberries lower cancer risk. Berry antioxidants may neutralise free radicals.

G6PD deficient people have trouble breaking down some food and drug chemicals. Blueberries contain these chemicals

If you have G6PD, your doctor must approve blueberries.Blueberry may affect blood glucose and blood sugar control during and after surgery.

Diabetics may benefit from blueberries. If you have diabetes and use blueberry products, monitor your blood sugar for lows.

The American Heart Association recommends four fruit servings per day. Fresh blueberries weigh 150 grammes. Organic, pesticide-free berries are recommended.

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