Brazilian Woman Filming Waterfall Surprised by Human Figure in Spray

Magic and mystery surround waterfalls. Waterfalls are portals to other realms in many cultures' myths and legends. 

Some UFO enthusiasts believe that the crafts we see in the sky are visitors from another realm that's either hidden within the Earth or has portals in mountains, waterfalls, and the sea.

In the video, a woman is filming a beautiful wilderness scene with a waterfall when a dark

humanoid figure appears in front of the water and vanishes. She keeps filming, and the figure briefly appears again in the raging whitewater.

as one commenter jokes, is of the type that always seems to be taken on the shakiest, lowest-resolution camera, like Bigfoot or UFO footage. 

Pareidolia, a cognitive phenomenon that causes our pattern-recognizing brains to see patterns and faces in shadows on a rock face or shapes made in waterfalls

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