Bride and groom criticised for asking guests to pay for meals and gifts

A TikTok user's wedding invitation generated discussion.TikTok user Kelli (@kellikeylimepie) compares a wedding invitation and a present registry.

The wedding invitation says, "Please pay for your own supper."On the invitation, it says, "All presents appreciated; monetary gifts preferred."

Many commenters thought an invitation like this would make them skip the wedding.

One user said, "We can't attend."Another said, "I wouldn't RSVP."
"No way. Third: "That's tacky."

Many users sympathised with a terrible financial condition, but some remarked that paying for one's own supper and asking for a present can offend guests.

If the invitation indicated no gifts, I'd pay for my own supper. To expect cash when guests pay is ludicrous, said one user.

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