Bunny's Popsicle Reaction Is Adorable

We know if bunnies like sweets! TikTok bunny @bruceytherabbit answers.

Bruce the English Angora rabbit proved in this film that bunnies will do everything for a tasty treat.

LMAO! The finest video ever? Cute, lovely, and funny. We understand Bruce's popsicle reaction. We receive that after a sweet flavour

“Bruce and his ears would get EVERYTHING he wanted from me,” stated @sindypsullo. SAME! How could anyone refuse such a cute face?!

Those ears! “So fluffy!” said @joupth. The fluffiest! More popsicle is said to puff his ears. Exactly!

It appears many bunnies are like this. @beepbopboop tweeted, “This is 100% accurate. He attacks when a bag crinkles. 

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