Burger King Scam: Employee charged customer $1 for coupon without asking.

Free coupons with meals are a great surprise. Unexpectedly paying for one is less pleasant.

Keith (@krowebeatthebetes) alleges something happened to him during a Burger King visit.

After exiting the restaurant, his receipt showed a $1 "BKF Cpn" charge. He found a voucher for a free soft serve cone or mini fries in the bag.

β€œI know it's only a buck, but beware of that,” Keith says. β€œIs Burger King operating a Scam?” he writes over the footage.

Keith told Daily Dot that while his TikTok page normally helps diabetics, this Burger King event concerned him.

Keith said his wife noticed the $1 while checking out. The suspicious pair requested a receipt, which the employee reluctantly provided.

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