Cat Dad Leaves Funny Notes for Cat Sitter and We're Here for It

Because leaving your beloved pet with a pet sitter may be incredibly stressful, we completely understand her need to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

See how he made sure his beloved cat received all he required while he was away in this amusing video.

Explaining that if the cat is sitting in a particular spot, it signifies they want catnip is right up there in terms of our favourites!

With 94 thousand views, this video is gaining popularity, and viewers adore the cat dad's thoughtful demeanour. "I provided a six-page guide about cat care for my previous cat sitter.

Adding, Marie "This is of the biggest assistance to a pet caretaker. I haven't kept track of how many times I've responded, "I have no idea what you want from me!""

I wish a human would understand my needs the way you understand your cat, the comedian then hysterically remarks.

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