Cat-Parrot Friendship Is Unique

If you told us cats and parrots could live together and get along, we wouldn't believe you.

That is, until @Friendsfurrever released this adorable video on TikTok. You won't believe how close this lovely pair is! Incredible

Awwww! They're adorable! Tweets @Twitchforbeginners "It's love. I could learn from these two." 

@Fergusenandthefunnyfarm says, "Just a cat & his incredibly sweet!" Says @Jennifer, "A lovely, odd combination. Cat is well-mannered."

No matter how well-behaved and affectionate your cat is, you should never leave your bird with it.

Cats are prey hunters, so you never know when they'll strike. We adore seeing this cute pair get along and hope it never changes!

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