Cat Peeks Through Ceiling Hole in Hilarious Video: 'Hidden Camera'

A humorous video of a cat appearing through a ceiling lamp hole has gone viral on social media, making the entire internet laugh.

The popular video was posted on TikTok in October by user Luismorales5401 and depicts a family enjoying lunch together as the dining room is being renovated.

The cat's head suddenly appears in the lamphole as the camera pans upward.

The "strange" behaviours of cats, according to Sunset Veterinary Clinic in Edmond, Oklahoma City, are actually pretty typical and date back millions of years to when all cats lived alone in the wild and had to fend for themselves.

"Back then, cats were both hunters and prey of larger creatures, and because of this, they developed some of the innate behaviours that we still observe today and label as "strange."

So, the majority of feline behaviours that seem strange do have a purpose. For instance, if your cat is scaling your bookcase and cabinets, it is because its ancestors had to scale large trees to scout the area for prey.

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