Cat's Funny Favorite Sleeping Spot

Pets are hilarious, but it takes a champion to keep them laughing while they're asleep. However, Kream the calico cat has this skill.

Her odd, inconvenient sleeping spot went viral on TikTok, but we think she doesn't care!

@kreamkopi is Kream's TikTok account. This calico's nap position is hilarious!
What?! Kream looks relaxed despite sleeping on that tiny step, which is impossible. We suppose!

"Cats baffle me! I still love them "@crazycatlady marie wrote. Their allure is their mystery! Even if that "mystery" is sometimes chaos.

We love @rockoutwithyourguacout's post, "I snorted laughing.
" LMAO! We're glad Kream's antics make you smile.

The dramatic kitty touches many people. We're laughing at @Vonnem's "Kream is me convincing myself that my jeans fit"! That's relatable AF.

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