Cat's Reaction to Losing Bed Is Priceless

We love cats because they're independent. Independent cats can also bother us.

Ask any cat owner who spent a lot of money on toys or a bed, and they'll tell you the cat wasn't interested. You removed it.

It's so funny and cat-like. @Samanta Meinskait: "I purchased my cat a new bed, she didn't want it, but if my dog sits in it, it's off-limits."

@RosinOconner has been there with a cat carrier: "My cat will sleep in an open cat carrier. When I put her in..." Yes, cats are polar opposites.

@Coin adds, "They won't use it for months, but if you mention it, they'll start sleeping in it again!"

Catnip or a tent can be used to attract a cat to use a bed. Or storing it till they need it.

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