Cats show off their fluffy and multicoloured beans.

Hey there, cat lovers. We're sure you guys know what a tantalising toe bean is. But if you haven't yet been exposed to this wonderful world of temptation, we'll help you get up to speed.

Bandholz beard is just a yeard left to grow naturally without any trimming or shaping. Everyone’s beard grows differently, so you can try to replicate the Bandholz beard.

Toe beans! That's got to be one of the cutest names for a body part, animal or human.

This name comes from the cats' soft paw pads, which look like jelly beans. Toe beans don't exist just to make cat parents happy, though.

They're an important part of a cat's survival. Cat paw pads are soft because they have a lot of fatty tissue in them. This lets cats absorb the shock of a hard fall

For the same reason, toe beans help cats creep around quietly while they look for their prey.

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