Cheap ways to make any room smell great

Fill ramekins or small glass bowls with freshly peeled orange peel, fresh rosemary, and a sprinkle of lavender from the garden

1. Create scented centrepieces.

Room diffusers, like scented candles, add a luxurious scent to your home that lasts for months. There's a diffuser scent for every budget.

2. Display diffusers

Plug-in air fresheners are a great way to circulate fresh-smelling air throughout the home without being too overpowering

3. Plug-in air fresheners

Garden herbs add a strong natural scent to any room. Planting herbs in decorative jugs and ceramic pots adds decor and fragrance.

4. Plant herbs

As we know, cooking in the kitchen sends smells throughout the house, which may not be pleasant.

5. Simmer seasonal ingredients

Potpourri, popular in the 90s, has been eclipsed by scented candles and other fragrance gadgets in recent years

6. Make your own potpourri

Marks & Spencer, IKEA, and Yankee Candle offer cheaper alternatives to The White Company and Jo Malone's best-selling home scents, which are worth the investment

7. Use scented candles

Keeping the trash can odor-free is part of kitchen cleaning.

8. Essential oils prevent bin odors.

Drains can ruin your home's scent. Scented disinfectants clean basins and reduce sink odours.

9. Deodorize drains with disinfectant

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